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I live in Austin, TX where I have my metaphysical practice, Abundant Heart Circle. I love to do sessions in person, but also connecting to clients all over the world online. Through Abundant Heart Circle, I offer a selection of astrological services, tarot readings, and Deep Memory Process -- a past life regression technique. 

My astrological methods are heart-based in nature, combining traditional techniques with Shamanic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, and the new cosmic paradigm, Diamond Astrology. 

I began studying astrology and tarot at age 9 and started giving readings as a young teen. These ancient arts were made up of a language I instantly understood. I now have over 40 years experience in tarot and astrology, continuing to deepen my studies and understanding year by year.

I have always been fascinated with psychological insights into the inner workings and motivations of people, along with a deep resonance with mysticism. As I continued pursuing my interests, I was led to explore our evolutionary intent and eventually to the blockages we face in our consciousness- our karmic patterns. I am also a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP)® practitioner authorized through Woolger Training International. (Only DMP practitioner based in Texas). Deep Memory Process (DMP) is an experiential past life therapy technique which helps identify and clear past life trauma connected to present life issues. 

This work has helped birth my authentic Self. I feel a greater sense of groundedness and mindfulness in the present moment. I have an understanding and acceptance of who I am and my purpose. I seek to bring this awareness and compassion to my work with you.

Check out my most recent podcast interview where I discuss more about my practice here: http://allbusinessmediafm.com/archives/lynn-carroll-rivera-03-05-18-astrology-and-tarot-readings/

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Abundant Heart Circle offers a wide range of tarot or astrology party packages perfect for intimate gatherings up to large celebrations! 

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SPOTLIGHT: Deep Memory Process


Deep Memory Process (DMP)® is a therapeutic past life regression technique. Through each hands-on session, clients will be guided through a previous life for the purpose of soul retrieval. 

Designed to bring clarity and healing, many current life issues can be resolved through this experiential process. Sessions must be done in person.

Lynn is a certified practitioner though Woolger International.

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